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MassTaxConnect - 5 Things Massachusetts Sales Tax Filers Should Know

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If you’ve been following my blog post contributions here at, then you know I love writing about complex sales tax issues, like I did in this recent post on the Massachusetts Drop-Ship rules. But often there are Massachusetts topics that are simply practical and just as important for our readers that are responsibie for filing and remitting Massachusetts sales and use tax. And reporting on a practical “need to know” Massachusetts topic is exactly what I’ll be doing today. In this post, I’ll be highlighting Massachusetts’ new electronic filing system for business taxpayers, MassTaxConnect.

Five Important Things Massachusetts Sales and Use Tax Filers Need to Know About MassTaxConnect

The MassTaxConnect is the Massachusetts Department of Revenue's new electronic filing system which will replace Webfile for Business. The new MassTaxConnect, which is being touted by the Department of Revenue (DOR) as a significant upgrade and enhancement from the DOR’s existing filing system, will have many new features not found in Webfile for Business. While there are several important things to know about MassTaxConnect - if I had to choose five things Massachusetts sales and use tax filers should know, here they are:

  1. MassTaxConnect Goes Live November 30th: The current Webfile for Business electronic filing platform will be completely replaced by MassTaxConnect which will go live on November 30th. Therefore, for Massachusetts monthly sales and use tax filers, the October monthly return due by November 20th, will be the final sales and use tax return filed via Webfile for Business. Note that as part of the transition, WebFile for Business will go down and no longer be available as of midnight on November 20th.
  2. MassTaxConnect Will Use the Same WebFile for Business Login Credentials – And All Will Transition Seamlessly: In an effort to make the transition seamless, a current WebFile for Business user will be able to access the MassTaxConnect electronic filing system using the same username and password. A user’s account information, including third party assignments, will all carryover to MassTaxConect.
  3. MassTaxConnect Will Allow Users to Securely Communicate with the Department of Revenue: As a state tax consultant, I often joke that I spend half my day on hold waiting to speak to one state tax agency or another. So it's great to hear that MassTaxConnect will permit users to send direct and secure messages to the DOR, thereby eliminating call wait times, the back and forth of leaving voicemails, and the time spent waiting for a DOR representative to call back.
  4. MassTaxConnect Will Make it Easier to View and Correct Errors Prior to Filing: Touted as one of the many benefits of MassTaxConnect, the new system will automatically notify a user when information is missing or incorrect – thereby giving the user the opportunity to make corrections before submitting their return. As anyone who has had to amend a sales tax return the “old fashion way” knows – it’s so much easier to catch errors and correct them before a return is submitted. By the way, this brings up another enhancement offered in the new MassTaxConnect – the ability to file amended returns electronically.
  5. MassTaxConnect Will Offer a One-Stop Filing Spot for All Business Taxes: By the end of 2015, almost all business tax types will be part of MassTaxConnect. Taxpayers will no longer need to log into the different Massachusetts online filing systems to file and pay their different Massachusetts business taxes.

There’s lots more to know about the new MassTaxConnect, including how new users can register and enroll in the system on or after November 30th once the new system is live, as well as it's many other benefits. But don’t just take my word for it – take a look at that vast resources and information the Massachusetts DOR has available to help business taxpayers learn more about MassTaxConnect.

If you’re a Massachusetts sales and use tax filer – you’ll want to get ready for MassTaxConnect!

About the Author: Sylvia Dion is the Founder and Managing Partner of PrietoDion Consulting Partners LLC, a SALT advisory firm which provides SALT services to businesses in the U.S. and throughout Europe, Canada, Latin American and Australia. Since 2011 Sylvia has served as a contributor to the SalesTaxSupport blogs and currently blogs on Internet Sales Tax, U.S. Sales Tax for Foreign Sellers, and Massachusetts Sales Tax. Sylvia has written articles for State Tax Notes, Bloomberg BNA and other premier tax journals. You can follow Sylvia on twitter and on Google+ and can contact Sylvia via e-mail at

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4 Responses to MassTaxConnect - 5 Things Massachusetts Sales Tax Filers Should Know

  • Posted by Carol on December 30, 2016 4:57am:

    My uncle is 80 years old has a business and was paying sales taxes by mail. He doesn't have a computer or want one and will not let me help. He has been paying penalties since Masstaxconnect started. Can he still file by mail? What forms will he need? Please Help.

    • Posted by Author photo of Sylvia F. DionSylvia Dion on January 1, 2017 12:37pm:

      Thank your for reading my post and your question/comment.

      First, congratulations to your uncle - very admirable to be running a business at the age of 80! Super!

      Now, you said he has been paying penalties - is this because has filing his Form ST-9 (Monthly Sales and Use Tax Return) Form ST-9A (Annual Sales and Use Tax Return) or Form ST-9Q (Quarterly Sales and Use Tax Return) on paper and mailing in checks as opposed to filing and paying electronically? Or has he been making his payments late?

      Effective January 1, 2016, a business whose annual sales tax liability exceeds $5,000 is required to file/pay electronically. (Here's the Technical Information Release issued by the Massachusetts DOR on this topic: If he is required to file/pay electronically, but isn't doing so - then penalties will apply. There's a possibility that with MassTaxConnect in place now, the Massachusetts DOR will reduce this threshold and the DOR could eventually stop publishing the ST-9 forms - leaving him with no option but to file/pay electronically,

      I don't feel I know enough information to guide you but I strongly suggest that you contact the Massachusetts DOR directly. The TIR I linked to says, "If, despite its best efforts, a taxpayer has difficulty making the transition from paper to electronic filing and payment, it should contact the Department’s Customer Service Bureau at (617) 887-MDOR or toll-free in Massachusetts at (800) 392-6089 to inquire about the process for a waiver of penalties." If the customer service bureau is not able to help, then I suggest contacting the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate: They may be able to get an exception for your 80 year uncle which would help alleviate the penalty situation. Hopefully you can get some resolution on behalf of your uncle.

  • Posted by Author photo of Sylvia F. Dionsylviadion on January 22, 2016 8:33pm:

    Hello. I would highly suggest you contact the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) directly with your question at 617-887-6367. Even though I've written this general post about the new MassTaxConnect, since you have questions specifically about your number, you should contact the DOR.

  • Posted by jin on January 18, 2016 7:23pm:


    I have just signed up for a sales tax using masstax. I need to submit my The 9-digit Sales Tax ID (EIN) as provided to you by the MA Dept of Revenue to a 1 time venue I will be attending but I am not sure where to find this number? All I see is my account ID (SLS-10642588-003) but I don't think that is my TAX ID. Could you assist me please? Thank you for your time and hope to hear a reply soon.

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